Arithmetika Mathematics Tutoring Academy (AMTA) details

How does it work?

Initial home visit to ...

  • Exchange information
    • Student's academic year, current standing etc.
    • Discuss how AMTA can help
  • Detail student's mathematical needs and agree on a tutoring programme
    • Frequency of sessions
    • Formal tutoring or give help when needed
    • Length of sessions - variable, by agreement
    • Regular time slots?
    • Text book
  • Set up Arithmetika account and select most appropriate of
    • diagnostic tests
    • personalised assessment and learning
    • practice of curriculum tasks
    • working independently or coached live online by tutor
  • Choose most appropriate online communication tools, e.g.
    • PC or Apple preference
    • Microsoft Note
    • Remote access to screen
    • Live chat - instant messaging
    • phone chat
    • Skype
    • WeChat
    • WhatsApp
    • GoogleDocs


  • Arithmetika online tasks cover most of the 6 - 10 Australian mathematics curriculum.
  • Arithmetika online tasks are never the same twice - different numbers, different question order, different variables (pronumerals)
  • tutor can see student's questions and watch as answers are given.
  • automatic marking
  • details of all submitted tasks are retained and can be retrieved by the tutor, the student or the parent

Ongoing tutoring sessions ...

  • Online remote sessions can be as short as 15 minutes and as long as 90 minutes
  • Can be direct tutoring or student answering Arithmetika questions while talking to tutor


  • Senior tutor package - all for $700
    • five hours home visits
    • five hours remote instruction
    • 100 Arithmetika online task attempts
  • Junior tutor package: - all for $300
    • five hours home visits (includes initial visit by tutor and ATMA principal)
    • five hours remote instruction
    • 100 Arithmetika task attempts

Further sessions

  • Senior tutor
    • home visits $A80/h
    • remote monitored sessions $A60/h
  • Junior tutor
    • home visits $A50/h
    • remote monitored sessions $A30/h
  • Arithmetika usage $25/100 tasks


Sessions are logged in blocks of fifteen minutes (or part of)

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