Arithmetika Work plan programmes

Ready-made work plans (The Sticky Star programme)

New for 2019. Arithmetika recognises that many teachers do not have the time to select tasks themselves, so a range of pre-set 'work plans' have been put together. A work plan is a sequence of at least ten batches of tasks. Each batch has five tasks. A student is awarded a sticky bronze star for each completed batch (100% in all five tasks). Five bronze stars become one silver star.

The first work plan to be assembled has been designed to address the issue of mental agility. Many mathematics educators believe that student progress in mathematical understanding is hindered by poor mental arithmetic skills. This issue was addressed in the past by a good deal of rote learning and repetition. OK, that has has a bad press, but no matter how the issue is addressed, it remains an issue. All tasks in this work plan are expected to be completed without a calculator, and they are timed. For instance, the very first task is 20 questions from the ten times table, to be answered in two minutes. A later task will put 20 questions from the ten times table to be answered in one minute.

Some students will progress rapidly. Those that don't can be monitored. For instance, if they are stuck on a particular batch the teacher can ascertain if the student needs help or just encouragement. Some will finish in a term, some might still not finish within a year. All useful feedback!

How you use work plans

  • You select a ready-made work plan
    • Mental agility
    • Number skills
    • Number and Algebra coming soon
    • others in the pipe line
  • You choose at which point of the work plan you want your students to start (to be implemented) - at the beginning is the default start point
  • You assign the work plan to one or classes
  • You select the students in the selected class(es)
  • You set your end-date etc.
  • Assign the work-plan to your students
    • Select the work plan
    • Decide whether you want students who join the class(es) later to be assigned the work plan automatically
    • Select at least one class even if it has no students yet
    • Select/deselect students in the selected class(es)
    • When you hit the 'Assign ...' button, each work plan batch will be assiged to each selected class. Students will, however, see initially the tasks in the first batch only.
  • As soon as each student completes all the tasks in each batch they are awarded a 'sticky star' of recognition and are assiged the next batch of tasks
  • Nothing else for you to do except monitor their progress and use the information to support your teaching

More about work plans

You or your colleagues will also be able to put together your own work plans. All those tasks you assigned your Year 9s this last Semester are then ready for next year!

Work plans can have different assignment date and due dates for each task (tba)

If you don't want work plan tasks to be assigned to all students in the selected class(es), select the indivdual students and don't forget to uncheck the box 'Assign to all students joining this class'

Work plans batches are linked in sequence. Just indicate which batch is the successor of each batch and the tasks will be automatically assigned to the students in sequence.

Example work plans and tasks