Intelligent marking system

How it works

Algebra presents an interesting challenge to teachers who are marking exam scripts. The marker has to recogmise that students can give many answers to questions, all equally correct.

Take for example the question 'Factorise the following trinomial: x2 + 16x + 63. Answers could be

  • (x+7)(x+9)
  • (x+9)(x+7)
  • (7+x)(x+9)

And so on.

Arithmetika's intelligent marking system does not just 'know' all the answers and checks them out by database lookup. Don't forget, this question next time might be

  • x2 + 14x + 48
  • x2 + 15x + 50
  • x2 + 20x + 99


So there is no way that all the answers to all the variants to just this one question template could be stored for lookup! Magic marking!


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