Three good reasons for using Arithmetika to improve maths skills

Pedagogical reasons

Practice makes perfect

There is really no substitute for doing maths exercises over and over again. The first time it is confusing, the second time you begin to remember the rules, the third time it is starting to stick ... and so on

In the old days it was called rote learning and it was boring. Now it is back in fashion as 'repeated exposure' because computers can make each skill exercise look quite different each time you start it.

Tasks in Arithmetika are designed to reinforce skills introduced in the classroom. In a brief lesson, with around 30 students, a teacher can achieve only so much. Students need to go home and try to nut out each day's new mystifying content. That's where Arithmetika helps. They actually like doing well at maths so they keep repeating the task until they achieve 100%. Sample tasks

Formative assessment

Arithmetika tasks, different content every time, are just great for practising until perfection is achieved. Great for monitored homework activity!

Summative assessment

Arithmetika tasks can be used for formal assessment too. There are hundreds of tasks linked to the K-10A curriculum Content Descriptions, hundreds for years 7 and 9 NAPLAN practice and yet hundreds more for honing basic number skills.

Welcome to Arithmetika, where students improve most, quietly, at their own pace. Arithmetika gives kids back their confidence to do maths, whatever their level. You teach the students, Arithmetika helps you manage the practice they so badly need.

Learning through assessment

Arithmetika is not 'yet another maths teaching program'. Its primary focus is assessment and self-assessment. Students learn by repeated exposure to problems. Arithmetika starts where the classroom teacher leaves off. Hundreds of tasks related to the Australian Curriculum, NAPLAN practice and basic number skills.

Practice makes perfect

Arithmetika is a high-quality means of improving skill, speed and accuracy in arithmetic and mathematics. It gives students access to a wide variety and range of practice exercises.

Technical reasons

Unique task generator

Each time a student starts an Arithmetika task, values in the questions change and solutions are recalulated, so students can't memorise answers, they have to remember and apply their new skills. Demonstration. Sample tasks

Real Maths

Students are expected to give properly formatted answers. For example, they must use indices, surds and other mathematical symbols. Algebraic expressions and equations are required. Students must round decimals as required and identify the correct units. Some tasks are expected to be completed without the use of calculators; for the rest there is a link to an on-line scientific calculator. Rigorous standards are applied on accuracy, rounding, units

Real variety

Never the same twice: questions have different content (numbers, images, pro-numerals) every single time and are always in a different order. Not just pulled off a bank of questions. Illustration

Intelligent marking system

Arithmetika marking of questions that have answers that are algebraic expressions or equations surpasses all all products. In most cases there are multiple correct solutions. Arithmetika recognises all correct answers using a complex algorithm. This is just one part of Arithmetika's intelligent marking system. Algebra marking.

Unlike all other products, real mathematical answers are required, not just multiple choice. Algebra marking is a unique strength of Arithmetika Answer types.

Non-standard keyboard characters

Any mathematical character not on the conventional keyboard may be selected from special pop-ups. See the keyboard extenders

Context-sensitive help

Help is available for every question in every task. Each question has help specifically tailored for it and also has a link to the exact page of an extensive e-book. Take a look

Curriculum ready

Arithmetika is fully aligned to the Australian Curriculum. Tasks are easily located by searching, for example, on AC Content Descriptions, by Year level and Strand, and by keywords

Practical reasons

Closing the loop

Parents as well as teachers have access to the students' tasks, progress and results, so homework activity can be supervised and monitored by mums and dads as well as teachers!


Students can take their Arithmetika user account with them wherever they go - from school to school - (junior to senior, interstate or overseas etc), School Account to Family account, Family Account to Tutor Group - and so on. All those hard won achievements in primary school already there to impress the secondary teacher!

Getting started with Arithmetika - in a nutshell

Follow the following simple steps to get your students working!

  • Choose from one of the major account types, School or Tutor Group. Family and Independent Learner coming soon.
  • Register your school or tutor group here
  • Create some teachers
  • Create some classes
  • Assign a batch of number skills tasks
  • Show the students in those classes how to self sign-up (Class Access Code)
  • Encourage them to work at home each day
  • Monitor the students' progress live
  • Give the parents of your students access to their childrens' Arithmetika progress (Parent Access Code)

Full details available from the Help page when you have registered.

To get started simply complete the Registration Form here and start using Arithmetika!

Arithmetika is a subscription service. Students are enrolled by their school, their family, their tutor or by themselves as independent learners. Arithmetika is absolutely free to join and we only ask for payment when you start using it. To set up or join one of these user groups, select one: Teachers | Parents | Tutors | Independent Learner

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