Arithmetika home maths tutoring service

Arithmetika Mathematics Tutoring Academy (AMTA)

Arithmetika is delivering in Canberra a highly innovative and totally professional mathematics tutoring service for girls and boys in years 6 to 10.


The service makes use of a wide variety of modern communication tools and technology, reducing the need for home visits. Students can easily work at home (or anywhere) online while their efforts are monitored live by the tutor (who also could be anywhere)!

In particular the service makes full use of the power of Arithmetika to deliver a constant stream of variety in content, ensuring a vibrant and productive teaching and learning environment. The student is enrolled in the tutor's virtual class at AMTA and parents have online access too.


Two grades of tutor will be offered

  • Senior - experienced current or retired mathematics teachers
  • Junior - bright young student teachers in Year 11 or 12, or at university

All senior tutors will be trained and experienced mathematics teachers. Junior tutors will have a proven track record in school or university level mathematics. All tutors will hold current WWVP licenses.

A home visit is essential to meet the parents, meet the child and set up a positive working arrangement. From there on, further home visits or online tutoring sessions - or a mixture of the two - can be arranged. Parents will have full access to all online communication between tutor and student.

Arrange a mix of home visit sessions and remote online sessions - whatever it suits you. Just follow one of the links below.

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What is Arithmetika?

Arithmetika is a means of generating mathematical exercises - sets of questions - that have the unique feature of never being the same twice. The 'engine' inside Arithmetika builds a task or exercise from a set of 'question templates', generating pseudo-randomly selected words and numbers to create the questions the student sees. Not only that, it calculates the answer to each question and marks the student responses as they are given.

Arithmetika has hundreds of tasks from most of the 6-10A mathematics curriculum for tutors to select from. Your child will be enrolled in an Arithmetika 'class' and the tutor has access to every answer the child gives to every question. The tutor will select tasks most appropriate for your child's needs and provide help and tuition wherever needed.

When your child is working online the tutor can see the same task and watch as each answer is attempted.