Arithmetika has all the maths practice tools children need to catch up and get ahead

How I'm Doing

HowImDoing is Arithmetika's new way of supporting teachers and parents - and students - in providing an environment where tasks are

  • Adaptive, in that students can easily navigate to easier or more challenging tasks
  • Diagnostic, in that teachers and parents and tutors can quickly pinpoint areas to focus on
  • Comprehensive, in that they will cover all of the Australian Curriculum Years 7 to 10A
  • Generous, in that students can have multiple attempts to achieve mastery in each topic are of the curriculum

Sticky star programme

In the old days it was called rote learning and it was boring. Now 'practice makes perfect' is back in fashion because computers can make each exercise look quite different each time it is started.

There is really no substitute for doing maths exercises over and over again. The first time it is confusing for the students, the second time they begin to remember the rules, the third time it is starting to stick ... and so on. Practice makes perfect.

Arithmetika delivers an ever-changing stream of practice exercises and assessment opportunities on three important areas, currently basic mental agility and number skills, then upper primary and lower secondary (curriculum years 6-10) and further practice at essential skills in years 11 and 12


Students have to take NAPLAN tests in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9. Arithmetika currently has exercises for years 7 and 9 both calculator and non-calculator

The Australian Curriculum

Arithmetika is generously over supplied with hundreds of practice exercises for each year level 6 to 10, each linked to the prescribed strands and content descriptors. Many for Year 11 and 12 Essential Mathematics too.

Number Skills

Do your students need to get quicker at their mental arithmetic? Look no further than here! Adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing; fractions, percentages and decimals. Dozens of speed tests to improve your proficiency.


Utilising the web to its limits

Student Card game 'TwentyFour'

Try for yourself the popular student card game 'TwentyFour'. Students are dealt four playing cards and have to use brackets and the four operations on the face values to make a total of 24