HowImDoing is the totally free way for students and their teachers, parents and tutors to pinpont with ease exactly how they are progressing through the curriculum - and to identify topics they need to focus on. Arithmetika's unparalleled Diagnostic Testing Tool.

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HowImDoing is free for all students to use! Just hit the 'Student join up' link above.

Teachers, tutors and parents can see the exact same story for their students - and easily select a specific area for the student to work on. Click the 'Teacher, tutor, parent join up' button above and create an Arithmetika account!

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Build a profile like Sun Ming here, she has shown she is fine with Year 5 and Year 6 Number Skills and is moving on to Year 7 tasks.

Scroll down this page to find links to try example tasks for yourself. Press the refresh button to see different tasks!

Sticky stars

Sticky Star Maths!

There are hundreds of sticky stars to be won as you progress through the Australian Mathematics Curriculum. The Sticky Star maths programme challenges you to aim for mastery. Each time you complete five tasks to 100% you earn another valued sticky star.

You need to be in an Arithmetika class (organised by a parent, teacher or tutor) to join the Sticky Star maths programme More details here.

Arithmetika is mathematics assessment as you'll see nowhere else

Arithmetika assessment is a serious business. It is not 'cool', It is not 'fun'. It is not a game.

Nor is it a teaching resource. We leave that to others. This is a mid-teaching (formative) and post-teaching (summative) assessment resource. All Arithmetika tasks can be used both as summative and formative assessment tools.

Just scroll further down this page to click on one of the sample task links to see for yourself the student assessment environment in Arithmetika. This is as about as much 'fun' as it gets! Assessment aims to be as close as possible to the paper test experience.

  • Proper answers required, not multiple choice
  • Automatic marking including algebra
  • Never the same question twice
  • Every student answer to every question retained for analysis
  • Totally integrated package. You retain ownership and full management of all your data
  • Complete security of data to industry standards

Arithmetika is all Australian.

Since 2000 Arithmetika has been providing a variety of assessment tools. Arithmetika was designed in Australia and is still owned and managed in Australia.

  • HowImDoing
  • The sticky star program
  • Assignments
  • Traditional tasks
  • Timed tasks to demonstrate 'mastery'
  • Untimed tasks to allow for 'practice making perfect'

The unique Arithmetika assessment experience.

Imagine a maths quiz, exercise or test that is different every time you look at it! Imagine a quiz where the computer knows the answers to real questions, not just multiple choice and number only questions, and does all the marking whatever the question.

Click on one of the buttons below to see a typical task as seen by students. To change the task, refresh the screen!

Students! How quick are you with mental arithmetic?

Hit this button and see if you can get 100% in the time allowed. Each time you start the task it will be different!

If not, ask your teacher, tutor or parent to enroll you in the Arithmetika Sticky Star Programme! Teacher, tutor, parent join up here

Good mental arithmetic? Try the extended number skills tasks!

Hit this button and see if you can get 100% in the time allowed. Each timeyou start the task it will be different!

If not, you need to be enrolled in the Arithmetika Sticky Star Programme! Teacher, tutor, parent join up here

Like what you see? Get stuck in! Unconditionally free!

Arithmetika is free for student use. Just hit the Student join up button at the top and get stuck in to HowImDoing!

Arithmetika School, Family and Tutor accounts are a 'user pays' service - you only pay for student use. With an Arithmetika account you can monitor and manage everything your students do. No up-front fees. Just follow one of the links below to set up your first users. We will pester you for payment only when you start using Arithmetika in earnest.

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Education as it used to be:

For Teachers (schools)

Arithmetika prides itself on providing the means to enhance all three corners of the classroom experience - teaching, learning and assessment. You teach, assisted by the materials in Arithmetika; your students practise what you have taught using the Adaptive (formative) learning exercises; and you set tasks to measure and monitor student progress (summative assessment).


For Tutors

Assign tasks to your students and monitor their progress between visits! Link up with parents and teachers.


For Parents (families)

In Arithmetika you will find a very novel and profitable way to help your child with the important but difficult subject of mathematics. If your child is at an Arithmetika school you can ask to have your own secure access to the maths work your child is doing. If you start a Family account you can directly manage all your child's mathematical activity!


For Students

A parent, teacher or tutor might have told you about this site, or you may be an independent-minded user self-directed to come here. All the maths for students needing help with year 6 to 10 maths can be reached here.

If your teacher or tutor is an Arithmetika user just ask for your Class Access Code to get started.

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