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Imagine ...

Imagine a maths quiz, exercise or test that is different every time you look at it! Imagine a quiz where the computer knows the answers to real questions, not just multiple choice and number only questions, and does all the marking whatever the question.

Harry Potter magic? Indeed not. Take a look at any one of these six sample tasks and see how it changes each time you open it. Try it. Answer some of the questions.

Arithmetika does this magic not just on number questions but on algebra too! See more example tasks

Arithmetika is all about leveraging computers to create valuable and useful assessment tasks.

Arithmetika uses a range of technological innovations to deliver assessment items for all those uses

  • If you want to implement Gonski 2.0, read on!
  • Automatic generation of endlessly changing questions for assessment
  • Complete maths answers required - units, rounding, significant figures, indices, symbols
  • Automatic marking of all type of answer, not just numbers and multiple choice
  • Hundreds of ready-made tasks and many thousands of questions for building own tasks
  • Assessment items that change difficulty according to user responses
  • Immediate access to every answer given to every Arithmetika task the student submits
  • Maintain your own user data - teachers, classes, students, enrolments
  • Advanced users: write your own tasks by selecting from the extensive question bank
  • All answers given to every question by each student retained for analysis - for ever

Education as it used to be

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Arithmetika is a 'user pays' service - you only pay for student use. No up-front fees. Just follow one of the links below to set up your first users.

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Three more good reasons for using Arithmetika

There are pedagogical reasons, technical reasons and practical reasons why it's worth giving Arithmetika a good look. Read more about that here

Totally integrated package

Arithmetika delivers a complete record management system, entirely under your control - teachers/tutors, classes, student enrolments, parents and task administration. More

To set up or join one of these user account types, select from the following:

Schools | Families | Tutor Groups | Independent Learners

For Teachers (schools)

Arithmetika prides itself on providing the means to enhance all three corners of the classroom experience - teaching, learning and assessment. You teach, assisted by the materials in Arithmetika; your students practise what you have taught using the Adaptive (formative) learning exercises; and you set tasks to measure and monitor student progress (summative assessment).


For Tutors

Assign tasks to your students and monitor their progress between visits! Link up with parents and teachers. Use the Adaptive learning diagnostics to discover very quickly and efficiently your student's strengths and weaknesses - all for you to focus on!


For Parents (families)

In Arithmetika you will find a very novel and profitable way to help your child with the important but difficult subject of mathematics. If your child is at an Arithmetika school you can ask to have your own secure access to the maths work your child is doing. If you start a Family account you can directly manage all your child's mathematical activity!


For Students

A parent, teacher or tutor might have told you about this site, or you may be an independent-minded user self-directed to come here. All the maths for students needing help with year 6 to 10 maths can be reached here.

If your teacher or tutor is an Arithmetika user just ask for your Class Access Code to get started.