Different content in tasks every time

How it works

Each and every time a task is selected by a student the content is quite different.

  • The order of the questions changes
  • The numbers change
  • The illustrations change
  • The units change
  • The pronumerals change

What this means is significant. It means that

  • students do not get bored ('been there, done that')
  • They can't memorise answers
  • They start to remember techniques, formulas, processes
  • The learn by repeated exposure to problems

Arithmetika generates these variables on the fly each time a task is selected and recalculates the solution. Magic marking!

Watch the example on the right, a NAPLAN practice task on Perimeter. There are 15 questions in this task. For reasons of space we have captured the first 7 only. The answers that will be used for marking are shown as well.

You can try for yourself. Select one of the sample tasks and then reload it a couple of times. Sample tasks

Pedagogical benefits

Give your students as homework the opportunity to practice and perfect what you have taught, and watch the results!

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Six instances of the NAPLAN practice task on Perimeter