More about Arithmetika for schools

One of you is 'Admin'

You or one of your colleagues is annointed the Arithmetika Administrator of your school. The school account administrator manages the teachers, classes, student enrolments and parents' details. Administrators are also the prime contact person between the school and Arithmetika on the Web.

An Arithmetika account is fully self-managed

As Admin you very quickly add details of all the maths teachers and their classes. You don't need to add each student's details. Just tell the students the Access Code for their class and the link (URL) to sign up. You can also delegate or share some of the responsibility for user management with teaching colleagues by making them 'Deputy Admin'.

You are automatically allocated a 'holding bay' class - where you can put students when they are between classes.

Teachers can manage their own classes, shuffling students between classes etc. and changing student details..

Not a school?

Return to the home page and select Parents, Tutors or Students

Where to next?

You don't need to part with your money up front. Just tell us about yourself and your school and start adding teachers, classes and students. You can even assign tasks to students and get their feedback. Open your Arithmetika school account here. Want to read about the sign-up process first? Quick guide to opening your Arithmetika school account

Get the students working.

This next guide shows you how easy it is to set up your user database and assign tasks to students. Quick guide to creating first users and tasks

What will it cost?

It costs nothing to set up your Arithmetika school account. Only when you are ready will you need to place your order. Prices are determined by your level of usage and the $300/1000 task starter pack is a popular choice. Pricing information