Introductory information for tutors

Enhancing your tutoring with Arithmetika

The first thing you do when you take on a new student is try to determine the child's current understanding of mathematics. Arithmetika makes this so easy!

Consider creating a tutor group and enrolling your students to use Arithmetika?

Free to start your tutoring students using Arithmetika

Arithmetika is absolutely free to join and we only ask for payment when your students start using it seriously - and then you only pay for what they do.

The cost is calculated simply on the number of tasks completed by students and is typically $30/100 tasks or less. It doesn't matter how many students are enrolled. All that matters is how much they are making use of Arithmetika.

Your tutor account is fully self-managed

Arithmetika is the ideal support resource for your tutoring efforts. Teach your students then set them some tasks to be completed before your next visit. Monitor their progress from your home or office. Parents can monitor their child's progress too! Easy three-way communication

How to get started and what does it cost?

  • You can register and start using Arithmetika without obligation. More information
  • You as a sole tutor or the lead tutor of a tutoring group account administer the group's student and parent details.
  • When your students start doing tasks we will discuss with you your initial purchase. Tutoring service pricing details

Ready to go?

Arithmetika is for life

Well, school life anyway. Arithmetika student accounts are portable - student records can be seamlessly moved from one school to another. So, for example, primary school students using Arithmetika can continue where they left off when they move to an (Arithmetika registered) secondary school or college.

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