Arithmetika Mathematics Tutoring Academy (AMTA) details

How does it work?

Initial home visit to ...

  • Exchange information
    • Student's academic year, current standing etc.
    • Discuss how AMTA can help
  • Detail student's mathematical needs and agree on a tutoring programme
    • Frequency of sessions
    • Formal tutoring or give help when needed
    • Length of sessions - variable, by agreement
    • Regular time slots?
    • Text book
  • Set up Arithmetika account and select most appropriate of
    • diagnostic tests
    • personalised assessment and learning
    • practice of curriculum tasks
    • working independently or coached live online by tutor
  • Choose most appropriate online communication tools, e.g.
    • PC or Apple preference
    • Microsoft Note
    • Remote access to screen
    • Live chat - instant messaging
    • phone chat
    • Skype
    • WeChat
    • WhatsApp
    • GoogleDocs


  • Arithmetika online tasks cover most of the 6 - 10 Australian mathematics curriculum.
  • Arithmetika online tasks are never the same twice - different numbers, different question order, different variables (pronumerals)
  • tutor can see student's questions and watch as answers are given.
  • automatic marking
  • details of all submitted tasks are retained and can be retrieved by the tutor, the student or the parent

Ongoing tutoring sessions ...

  • Online remote sessions can be as short as 15 minutes and as long as 90 minutes
  • Can be direct tutoring or student answering Arithmetika questions while talking to tutor


oOur prices have remained the same since 2016 but have been increased in 2019 just for single, one hour sessions

  • Senior tutor package - all for $700*
    • five hours home visits
    • five hours remote instruction
    • 100 Arithmetika online task attempts
  • Junior tutor package: - all for $300 **
    • five hours home visits (includes initial visit by tutor and ATMA principal)
    • five hours remote instruction
    • 100 Arithmetika task attempts

Further sessions

  • Senior tutor*
    • home visits $A90/h or $160 for 2h sessions
    • remote monitored sessions $A60/h
  • Junior tutor **
    • home visits $A50/h
    • remote monitored sessions $A30/h
  • Arithmetika usage $25/100 tasks

* long serving, experienced maths teachers

**typically university students


Sessions are logged in blocks of fifteen minutes (or part of)

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