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Arithmetika prides itself on providing the means to enhance all three corners of the classroom experience - teaching, learning and assessment. You teach, assisted by the materials in Arithmetika; your students practise what you have taught using the Adaptive (formative) learning exercises; and you set tasks to measure and monitor student progress (summative assessment).


New Arithmetika tutoring groups

Set up a new tutoring group account and manage your own database of tutors and students..

Assign tasks to your students and monitor their progress between visits! Link up with parents and teachers. Use the Adaptive learning diagnostics to discover very quickly and efficiently your student's strengths and weaknesses - all for you to focus on!


Self-managed study and families

Self-managed learning

Manage your own course of studies - select from hundreds of ready-made tasks. You might have been directed here by a parent, a teacher or your tutor, or you may be an independent-minded user self-directed to come here.

All the maths for students needing help with your year 6 to 10 maths can be reached here.

If your teacher or tutor is an Arithmetika school or tutor group user then just ask your teacher for your Class Access Code. Then select 'Join with a Class Access Code'.



Parents - help all your kids! Click the sign-up button below to create your own family account, and manage the learning of all your family.

All the maths for students needing help with years 6 to 10 curriculum can be reached here.

If your child is at an Arithmetika school or in an Arithmetika tutor group then just ask your child or her teacher for your Parent Access Code. Then select 'Join witha Parent Access Code'.


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Students joining a class

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If your school or tutor group already delivers Arithmetika to your students then you can join the group here. All you need is the access code given to you by the Arithmetika administrator at your school, college or tutoring service. Then you will be able to manage your classes and assign tasks to your students.

Parents linking to their child's school or tutor group

In Arithmetika you will find a very novel and profitable way to help your child with the important but difficult subject of mathematics. If your child is at an Arithmetika school you can ask to have your own secure access to the maths work your child is doing.

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