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Arithmetika value proposition for students and their parents

Get started for free!. You'll be surprised just how much value you get from your children in return.

Simply complete the Registration Form here and we will be in touch! Only when you are up and running will we ask you for a payment, and prices for family groups start at just $A39. More details below.

Getting started with Arithmetika - in a nutshell

Follow the following simple steps to get your students working!

  • Register your family group and nominate yourself as the family's Arithmetika Administrator (main point of contact)
  • Show your children how to self sign-up (Class Access Code)
  • Assign them some initial task(s)
  • Encourage them to work at home each day
  • Monitor the students' progress live
  • All prices are in Australian dollars (AUD). For other currencies we will use the current published conversion rate./li>

Full details available from the Help page when you have registered.


The Arithmetika number skills tasks are ideally suited for students in years 6, 7 and 8. Of course, there are younger and older students too who would benefit from shaper mental and written arithmetic prowess!

The Arithmetika NAPLAN practice tasks are ideally suited for students in years 7 and 9. Get them started now, it all happens early in term II. Why not allocate the Year 9 tasks to Year 8 children too!

The Arithmetika Curriculum tasks are specifically tailored to each Content Description. Allocate tasks for marked homework as you progress through the course!

To get started simply complete the Registration Form here and we will be in touch!


  • Usage is measured by counting attempts by a student at a task.
  • No limit on the number of students.
  • Take your first steps with an introductory purchase of 100 task attempts for just $30
  • A student assigned the mental agility work plan would typically work through 80-100 task attempts. Inevitably there will be some students hammering the system, with others needing encouragement.
  • 1 000 task attempts pre-paid (see below) is $300
  • The average time spent on a task is around 3 mins so for $300 you get around 5-6 hours of feverish student activity!
  • There are on average 15-20 questions per task so for $300 your students answer up to 20 000 real maths questions!

Prepaid, no contract

  • $30 per 100 student task attempts.
  • $300 per 1 000 student task attempts.
  • $2 500 per 10 000 student task attempts.
  • No time limit; you will be notified when your purchase is near to being used up
  • Alternatively you can simply make a bank transfer or even pay by Paypal. More details here
  • All prices are in Australian dollars (AUD). For other currencies please contact

Monitor progress at any time

At any time you can check out the overall activity of users of your tutoring service. For example you might see a display such as this: