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New account registration


Users of Arithmetika belong to one of the following account types.

  • Schools. Users are licensed to use Arithmetika through their school or college. One staff member will be the Arithmetika administrator. S/he sets up and maintains the database of teachers, classes and student enrolments. Family (e.g. parent) access to each student's records is also available.
  • Families. Students are members of a family group and (usually but not necessarily) attending a non-Arithmetika school. A parent or guardian can set up and maintain the family account and monitor the children's progress at any time. A second parent/guardian registration is also available.
  • Tutor Groups. A tutor group is one or more tutors with varying numbers of students. One tutor is the account administrator and manages tutor and  student access to Arithmetika. Parent access to each student's records is also available.
  • Independent users. Anyone else may subscribe to Arithmetika too as an independent student user.

How will I pay/be charged?

You may set up your account and get your students started without initial charge or pre-payment. Once your students start using Arithmetika seriously we weill contact you about payment.

School group pricing details

Family group pricing details

Tutor group pricing details

Ok. What next?

Press Next to start the registration process . You will be asked to select from one of the above, and to provide brief details about your school, family or tutor group and about yourself.