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How to get started and what does it cost?

Arithmetika is absolutely free to join and we only ask for payment when your students start using it seriously - and then you only pay for what they do.

The cost is calculated simply on the number of tasks completed by students and is typically $30/100 tasks or less. It doesn't matter how many students are enrolled. All that matters is how much they are making use of Arithmetika.

  • You can register and start using Arithmetika absolutely without obligation, no catch.More about Arithmetika for schools
  • It takes no more than a couple of minutes to give brief details about yourself and you can start to set things up. Read more (pdf) Then it takes no more than a few more minutes to have your students beavering away at their first task.Read more (pdf)
  • When your students start doing tasks we will discuss with you your initial purchase. Pricing details

Ready to go?

Arithmetika is for the whole school maths community

  • One simple solution to manage all of your teachers, classes, students and tasks
  • A productive solution to your formative and summative assessment needs
  • hundreds of tasks covering all Australian Curriculum study areas from years 6 to 10
  • Easy to manage homework and class assessments. No more red-pen marking.
  • Valuable as a three-way connection between teachers, students and parents. Communicate directly with the parents of your students about their child's homework progress.
  • Parent notifications about teacher-set homework
  • State of the art implementation of the highest pedagogical standards. Sample tasks Real answers required, not just multiple-choice. - as good as paper tests. Answer types Endless variety - no two exercises are ever the same. Rigorous marking (all automatic, different question values every time)

Arithmetika is for life

Well, school life anyway. Arithmetika student accounts are portable - student records can be seamlessly moved from one school to another. So, for example, primary school students using Arithmetika can continue where they left off when they move to an (Arithmetika registered) secondary school or college.

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