Arithmetika value proposition for schools and teachers

Get started for free!. You'll be surprised just how much value you get from your students in return.

Simply complete the Registration Form here and get stuck in! Only when you are up and running will we discuss with you your anticipated usage, and prices for schools start at just $A300. More details below.


Arithmetika has a unique pay-as-you-go pricing structure

  • Usage is measured by counting attempts at tasks.
  • No limit on the number of teachers, classes and students or on time taken to use up your task purchase.
  • Some classes might be given Arithmetika work occasionally throughout the year
  • Others might be given an intensive workout for just a week or two
  • So why pay for whole year access for each and every student?

Prepaid, no contract

  • Take your first steps with an introductory purchase of 1 000 tasks for just $300
  • $300 per 1 000 student task attempts.
  • $2 500 per 10 000 student task attempts.
  • $20 000 per 100 000 student task attempts.
  • No time limit; you will be notified when your purchase is near to being used up
  • All we need is an official order form with an order number by email and we will invoice you.
  • Alternatively you can simply make a bank transfer or even pay by Paypal. More details here
  • All prices are in Australian dollars (AUD). For other currencies we will use the current published conversion rate.

Postpaid, contract

Available for schools that have already paid for 10 000 task attempts and used them up. End of the quarter invoices based on usage (same scale as above). Please enquire to

Typical usage

  • A class of 30 students assigned 10 tasks would typically work through 200-300 task attempts. Inevitably there will be some students hammering the system, with others needing encouragement.
  • A typical school profile might be 400 students averaging 500 task attempts/month or 5 000 task attempts/year
  • 5 000 tasks pre-paid is $1 500
  • 400 students having access to Arithmetika for $1500/year? That's just $3.75/student/year!

For the bean counter ...

  • The average time spent on a task is around 20 mins so for $1 500 you get around 1 700 hours of feverish student activity!
  • There are on average 15-20 questions per task so for $1 500 your students answer up to 100 000 real maths questions!

Compare with the competition!

A typical competitor pricing structure is a fixed amount per student per year. For example you could be charged around $35 per student per year, thats over $1000 p.a. for a typical class.

Now we all know that in reality no student is going to be using the same resource, however good, for the whole year.

  • Would you really want to pay for every student to have access to a resource for the whole year?
  • To get 400 students signed up for access to another product would cost $14000 every year! The equivalent product access in Arithmetika would cost $5000
  • And that's before you start comparing pedagogical benefits!

For further information

please contact

Monitor progress at any time

At any time you can check out the overall activity of users at your school. For example you might see a display such as this: