Parents! Is your child struggling with Maths? Does your child want to hone her skills?

Your children can access Arithmetika via one of the following membership groups

  • Families - i.e. enrolled by you! Join Arithmetika as a family group!
  • Schools - enrolled through a subscription organised by your child's school
  • Tutor groups - enrolled as one of your child's tutor's students
  • AMTA - Arithmetika's own maths tutoring service in Canberra. Find out more

Is your child's school using Arithmetika?

  • If yes, talk to the teacher. Students and parents can both become users. As long as the school has allowed it (they usually do) you can select tasks yourself for your child to do. You need to find out for your Parent Access Code from your child (it's on her home page) or from her teacher. Two or even three parent accounts for each child is ok!
  • If not
    • Ask them why not - they should be!
    • Take out a family subscription yourself. Arithmetika is absolutely free to join and we only ask for payment when your children start using it seriously - and then you only pay for what they do. The cost is calculated simply on the number of tasks completed by the children and is typically $30/100 tasks. It doesn't matter how many children in the family are enrolled. All that matters is how much they are making use of Arithmetika. Register a new family account here
    • Talk to your child's maths tutor
  • Not sure? Send us details of your school - name, suburb, city, state here and we will let you knowClick here to use our feedback form

Does your child wants to get ahead?

Arithmetika is the new standard in school maths e-learning - state-of-the-art teaching, learning and assessment opportunities that can really make a difference to your child's understanding of this notoriously difficult subject.

Ready to go?

Family subscription accounts are fully self-managed

How to get started and what does it cost?

  • You don't have to wait for your child's school to use Arithmetika to help her maths progress. It is a very simple process to set up a family account. More information
  • When your students start doing tasks we will discuss with you your initial purchase. Family account pricing details

One parent elects to be the family account administrator and manages the student and other family details.

  • Track how your children progress over time
  • Set them work and monitor progress
  • Real time monitoring homework completion

Information for parents about other kind of Arithmetika accounts

Tutor accounts

Tutors and tutoring groups can access Arithmetika too. Just ask your tutoring service if they are supporting their efforts with Arithmetika's curriculum tasks

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